The 2030+ Group


The 2030+ Research Group addresses emerging challenges in the areas of food security, poverty, health, migration and climate change. This brings together capacity-building expertise, disciplinary methods, themes and specific research objectives to create knowledge and policy impacts to the year 2030 and beyond.

Momentum to address the complex issues linking poverty, health, climate change, and urbanization is growing. Progress in meeting the UN’s Millennium Development Goals demonstrates that these problems can be solved.

But the challenge is global. No single organization, nation or region has the capacity to tackle it as a whole. The 21st century must be an “all hands on deck” era.

The academic research conducted at the BSIA is, by design, framed in terms of international themes and issues with a particular focus on governance. This choice reflects the common belief that no single discipline addresses the full complexity of the problems of governance, economy and security. Instead scholars from a suite of knowledge disciplines, collaborating on projects, are more likely to unravel the key dimensions of a problem.

With the UN’s worldwide focus on Millennium Development Goals concluding at the end of 2015, the global community is assessing global progress in meeting those objectives. As the UN sets a new course of Sustainable Development Goals post-2015, this is an opportune time to bring the 2030+Group’s interdisciplinary expertise to bear on the indicators, outputs and outcomes that will contribute solutions to our shared challenges.

The 2030+ agenda follows the core faculty members’ disciplinary specializations and focuses on key, interconnected themes that arise from their overlapping research areas.