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Spotlight: Whiteside and Zebryk working on HIV/AIDS analysis framework report

Since July 2014, Laurier alum Nick Zebryk and Professor Alan Whiteside have been working on a number of health policy and financing issues related to health outbreaks and HIV/AIDS.

Whiteside and Zebryk have written about the Ebola outbreak, drawing comparisons to the initial HIV/AIDS outbreak in the 1980s. Their article, “Ebola and AIDS in Africa” has been accepted in the Canadian Journal of African Studies, due to be published in the next issue. Currently the two are working on a book chapter for the volume, “Africa’s Population: Demographic Dividend or Social Time Bomb?” which will look at the origins, evolution, mortality, socio-economic impacts, as well as policies and programs put in place to combat AIDS and other epidemics in sub-Saharan Africa.

Nick is a graduate of Laurier’s Political Science program and completed his Masters in International Public Policy at the Balsillie School of International Affairs. Upon graduation, Zebryk began work as a Research Associate for Whiteside, looking at health policy and HIV/AIDS. This research work is generously funded by the RUSH Foundation, a small philanthropic organization dedicated to “funding disruptive ideas against HIV.”

Zebryk and Whiteside are working on developing investment case reports for UNICEF. The investment case will provide a rights-based, equity analysis of HIV/AIDS and why this is an important issue for children’s health and well-being.